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Come along and experience the music that created a true Rock ‘n’ Roll legend. Well known and highly respected Elvis Presley tribute artist and entertainer, London West End performer, as well as radio and national television celebrity Alvin Printwhistle, presents his ultimate Elvis tribute show.

As a life-long Elvis fan, historian and enthusiast, Alvin has been performing the works of the King the world over for over 30 years. His attention to visual and vocal detail has elevated him to the status of being regarded as one of the finest Elvis stylists in the UK today. We believe, and audience comments confirm, that Alvin’s show is a ‘must see’ for both the true Elvis fan and indeed, those who just want to have a good fun night out.

Elvis himself had a great sense of humour and although a ‘tribute show’, Alvin combines his own unique humour and famed wittiness, together with his sensational vocal talent, to create a show that cannot be compared to any other. With such strong emphasis on the ‘fun’ element and with the audience being encouraged to participate, the formula for a great night is certainly guaranteed.

Alvin will have you Rockin’ ‘n’ Rollin’ the night away as we celebrate the continuing legacy that is ... Elvis Presley ...

Alvin works self-contained with the support of his highly trained Sound and Production Manager who travels with him, ensuring that the whole show is produced to the highest professional quality.

Alvin utilises a high quality HK Audio PA system, along with a Soundcraft sound mixer, two Sony mini disc players for play-back, as well as Sure microphones, complemented by a compact LED lighting system when required.

Alvin - the Ultimate Elvis tribute
Mr P - Sound, Light & Production Manager
Alvin - the Ultimate Elvis tribute
Alvin - the Ultimate Elvis tribute

Alvin - the ultimate Elvis tribute

Alvin and The Trilogy Band

This is an ‘all live presentation’ featuring ‘The Trilogy Band’ which comprises of hand- picked musicians and highly experienced backing vocalists, who perform the arrangements in the exact style of the originals. Together they create a perfect platform for the extraordinary talents of Alvin in a not to be missed, two part spectacular. This show will have you Rockin’ ‘n’ Rollin’ in the aisles.

A unique show night of entertainment, featuring Alvin and other artists appearing under the AP Productions label.

Or, a combination of artists creating a specific themed evening of entertainment.

The Alvin Printwhistle Show

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