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CHARM (Cancer Haematology And Related Medicine)
Alvin - the Ultimate Elvis tribute
Alvin - the Ultimate Elvis tribute
Alvin - the Ultimate Elvis tribute

CHARM (Cancer Haematology And Related Medicine) which, in association with the CANCER CARE & HAEMATOLOGY FUND, was founded by me, after having being diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2015. 

I am grateful of the fact, that I am now in full remission and that I am living a normal life, but as a result of my experience, I decided to set about raising money for others that however unfortunate, might follow in my stead and have to undergo treatment at the Cancer Care Unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. The patients that I came into contact during my time there, came from all around and this made me realise, that treatment wasn’t only being given to those in the Aylesbury area, but also to those from much further afield, thus highlighting, the importance of fund raising for the unit. 

I myself had helped contribute to raising money for the unit along with the lovely Lina Bevan, her friends and family back in 2004. Who would have thought that in just over ten years from then, I too would be admitted to the unit for treatment? 

During 2016 I hosted an array of

fundraising events including a charity

golf day, a race night, a curry night and

a fabulous Gala Dinner, I auctioned and

I raffled at my music weekends and

riverboat cruises and as a result of these

combined efforts, it was a great pleasure to

hand over a cheque to the value of £13,322

to the Cancer Care Unit...

2017 followed suit and further golf days, riverboat cruises, curry nights and a splendid Gala Dinner were enjoyed by many friends and family alike. With their support and generosity and a staggering donation from Bicester Round Table & The 41 Club, our fundraising efforts allowed us to present another cheque to the unit, this year totalling £11,688.

So to all you folks that continue to support me in my campaign, I offer my sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks.

Please watch this space for future fundraising event dates...

Alvin x






Raised to date...

2019 - £15,038

2018 - £12,175

2017 - £11,688

2016 - £13,322

* £52,763 *

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